I spent the greater part of the morning using the power-washer to peel my deck. Not only am I easily entertained, but I, obviously, lead a very dull life. The truth is that no matter how old I get, water still has the potential to mesmerise me.

Or sit in one of those inflatable duck-shaped kiddie pools. The only thing that stops me is my fear of what the neighbours will say. That, and the thought of being carted away in a jacket with my sleeves tied together. Especially in this hot weather.

So, playing with the power-washer is a socially acceptable adult water activity. And that I got a sun burn on my shoulders. And soggy sandals. I got to play in the water under the guise of doing something mature and productive. Yay me. Today, I present one from China.

Canoe Shoes.

Elmer the Bull's mate Crossword Clue

For every human who has ever had the desire to walk on water, these inflatable bananas for your feet can make this dream come true. Yes, now you can walk and fish simultaneously I suggest you master walking and chewing gum first. Where oh where will he put his catch though? However, in Talkeetna, Alaska, this is something to be celebrated. In fact, an entire festival revolves around this. The Moose-Dropping Festival celebrates moose turd. Artisans sell moose-poop jewellery and dung crafts.

And the highlight involves a giant sack of manure being hoisted into the sky, only to have its contents poured out over a target below. Now each piece of poop has been lovingly lacquered and numbered wonder what lucky lackey gets that job and sold to the general public. And, apparently, they sell out quickly. As a souvenir and proof of purchaseeach ticket holder gets a moose manure pin so they can keep their crap close to their hearts with the number printed on it.

The number that lands closest to the target wins a cash prize. Lucky shit. And what makes splinters? Luckily, I remained sliver-free despite thumbing my nose at wood-safety. I guess I was thumbing my nose up at me-safety. I did discover, however, that the acquisition of a sliver is not the catastrophic event that I once thought it was. Odds are, that nasty little wooden intruder will come with it.

And, during this lesson on first aid, I also learned that mascots can get married. Even the flat, one-dimensional kind. She had probably been complaining that she was tired of her idle spouse moping around the house.

This video has made me re-think my power-washing activities. Like this: Like Loading Post to Cancel.Why don't fictional characters say "goodbye" when they hang up a phone? What evidence does Coutu use to support her claim that improvisation requires resilience. All Rights Reserved.

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elmer the bull

Unanswered Questions. Building and Carpentry. Glue and Adhesives. Why is there a cow on the Elemer's glue bottle?

Wiki User Elmer's glue was first marketed by Borden Dairy company and 'Elsie' the cow was their logo and mascot. On the glue bottles is 'Elsies' husband, 'Elmer' the bull. It isn't a cow, it's a bull named Elmer, husband of Borden's Elsie the cow. Some glues are made from rendered cows hooves as are gelatin products like Jel-Oleading some people to joke about the cow on the Elmer's bottle being representative of its ingredients. In an episode of The Simpsons, vegetarian Lisa hallucinated that the cow on her glue bottle accused her with: "You won't eat my meat, but you glue with my feet.

Because glue bottles where designed to hold the glue, not to have it stick to it. If it did stick to the glue bottle, we would not be able to get the glue out of the bottle. Because glue has more adhesive force than cohesive force,so when the glue is in the bottle the glue molecules pulls the other glue molecules which prevents glue from sticking to the glue bottle.

John Sorkin was the first glue bottle inventor. Asked in Glue and Adhesives What is the mass of a classroom glue bottle? The only way to answer this is to know the size of the glue bottle.

Glue bottle because glue sticks will not be strong enough. Epoxy would glue beads to bone best.

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Glue doesn't stick to the bottle because, in order for glue to become sticky it has to dry.He sits there smirking in his little orange triangle, so pleased with himself that he managed to become the mascot for a glue company even though bulls have nothing to do with glue.

Congratulations, Elmer, I am now lactose intolerant. I suppose Elmer the Bull was smart to marry Elsie the Cow because now he has a steady supply of the milk he requires to make all the glue that little boys and girls need for their macaroni art.

Incidentally, this protein, casein, and its superior bonding ability are the reason that you should drink milk to counteract the effects of spicy food. The only reason I know theese fun facts is because of a middle school science experiment where we made silly putty out of school glue and borax.

In painting with water color it is paramount that acid free paper is used. Also the means to adhere the art to the mounting board must be appropriate. Most tapes are not recommended. They had messed up names too.

elmer the bull

Thank you, Al Celenza. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Website. Archives Contact.Slowly, her popularity began to grow. Then inshe moooved further into the limelight after being singled out from the pack of mascots by a radio commentator.

Soon after, Elsie began receiving fan mail. ByElsie's popularity was growing strongly. But, at that point, she was just a two-dimensional drawing used for magazines and newspapers, or a character on the radio. The people wanted more. Borden responded by selecting the most beautiful of the Jersey cows to be the real life Elsie. Like the rising starlet she was, Elsie began to receive countless requests for her appearance at various engagements.

And in July ofadded a little boy to the family. Elsie decided to let fans chose the name of her baby bull - and at the close of the contest, more than a million entries had been received with the name Beauregard selected as tops. Elsie announced, inthat she was pregnant again—with twins! Once again a calf-naming contest was held. This time, over three million entries were received, tallied and judged. Then it was all said and done, Elsie was the proud mother of beautiful calves Larabee and Lobelia.

Over the years, Elsie remained both in the hearts and minds of parents and their children of all generations. Elsie starred in several animated television commercials, a full-length motion picture and a traveling tour with a special appearance, dubbed "Borden Day", at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. Today, she can still be seen laughing and smiling on a number of Borden branded products.

She had more than one. Her husband is Elmer the Bull, who was later loaned to Borden's chemical division as the mascot for Elmer's Glue. Their offspring included Beulah, Beauregard bornand twins Larabee and Lobelia born I loved Elsie the cow and her son boriguard, I think OMG I have oldtimers disease.

Good night Mrs. Kalabash where ever you are. I think her husband bull was named Elmo, but I'm not sure. Answer Save.

elmer the bull

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Please Contact Us. Elmer, "husband" of Elsie the Cow, advertising mascot of the Borden Company, is shown with a young woman as he was being readied for participation as one of the principal attractions at the Wisconsin State Fair, opening on August 18, The clock was intended to let Elmer know it was after a.

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elmer the bull

Clocks and watches. This image is issued by the Wisconsin Historical Society. Use of the image requires written permission from the staff of the Collections Division. It may not be sold or redistributed, copied or distributed as a photograph, electronic file, or any other media.Have you heard of Elmer the Bull? Back in the s, a company named Borden made a lot of dairy products and created a mascot named Elsie the Cow.

She was ridiculously popular and she eventually started having comic books, animated TV ads and magazine pictorial stories about her and her family.

Elmer was her husband. The magazine ads were sort of like comics telling you why you need to buy their products. And they frequently began with Elmer absolutely losing his shit over something, running around yelling or waving guns while Elsie stood by with a smile telling him to calm down. In the above comic Elmer ruins a family dinner by suggesting Elsie regrets marrying him.

Just ruining things out of nowhere. Elsie mentions her parents are coming to visit. Elmer stomps out of the house, prepared to leave forever rather than deal with in-laws.

His daughter tugs at his tail, begging him not to abandon the family. Elmer is furious at the very thought of not outliving all his family. He insists he will live past without any help from Elsie. Elmer finds it absolutely scandalous that his wife suggest she is better than him at something.

Time to run and lock the bathroom door. Skip to content Have you heard of Elmer the Bull? Comic Tropes: Star Wars. The Shadow.Offspring BeauregardHusband Elmer the Bulland twins Larabee and Lobelia are also part of the family set. Flavored milk provides the same 9 essential nutrients as white milk. The graphics on this tin contain images of a young boy and girl drinking chocolate milk, Elsie, and her daisy logo. Borden has found ways to keep a healthy amount of fun throughout the years.

InBorden pioneered the use of glass milk bottles and inthe debut of then 16 year old star, Selena Gomez, can be found in a commercial saying the phrase from the jar. This bottle embodies the rich history of Borden, reaching all the way back to times when milk delivery was commonplace.

In this whimsical flip book we see an adventurous Elsie travel to the moon and back. Click here to view the book! Elsie the Cow has been an icon for ages, beginning in and spanning decades to present day. In this interactive flip book, we are able to learn about our beloved Elsie and see how her character was molded into one of the greatest advertising icons of the 20th century. On the cover we see a picturesque portrait of Elsie, click on the image to read into her history.

In this Borden cookbook we plunge into a multitude of classic recipes that transcend decades. How cute is this vintage heavy cream holder? I know we do. During the s and s, home milk delivery service reached an apex, Borden was delivering to seemingly every house on the block, these antique glass milk jugs have us feeling nostalgic. Her charming personality has passed the test of time, and she is loved to this very day.

This vintage advertisement shows off our beloved Elsie in her prime. Now that we think about it, Borden has always been Big on Flavor. Click here to download the ad! Elsie, Elmer, and the whole Borden family are proud to reveal our first featured memorabilia submission. These lovely vintage Elsie placemats were submitted by Wade F. Ralph passed away June 2nd,but he will always be a part of the Borden family.

Click here to view the whole collection! Elsie fans of all ages. Marnie was kind enough to share some of these valuable pieces of her family history with us, and we are very appreciative! We love to see how large of a role Borden Dairy and Elsie have played in lives all over the country and the world.

Thanks so much for this submission, Marnie! Click here to view the full collection! Andrea included the following message:. If there ever was a person who represented the Borden brand wholeheartedly, it was this man, my father, Pete Alvarez…He was an independent Borden distributor for over 50 years and woke up early every day loving his job! His work ethics were something that is unheard of in this day and age. As you can see from the pictures, this spanned a lifetime.

In one picture, he is representing the construction of the new Beaumont, Texas plant. Loved by all his stores, and always happy to see the same faces day after day.